More about The Mangers and Castro's Interiors

Right after the completion of the Mangers, we have received testimonials of miracles, change of lifestyle, and a lot of tears. We encourage you to bring your family & friends to thank God for bringing Jesus in our lives. Together, we’ll bring the true meaning of Christmas back into our hearts, as we view the Manger in which our Lord lives forever.

We are creating this to help others know the true meaning of Christmas. A lot of people think it’s just a day we commemorate for Santa, but we are actually commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Castro’s Interiors is helping us with our objective.

Children are the reason Castro made the Nativity in the first place. Castro’s Interiors has been in Stuart for 30 years.

The children would all say the same thing… Santa! But Castro did not want to convey the message of Santa or gifts, but the birth of Christ. So instead of putting the Christmas tree in front of the business, she switched over to a life-sized Manger, where anybody could come and experience the story of Jesus’s birth on that starry night in Bethlehem.



Castro's Interiors

Not for Today, forTomorrow

We thank everyone for their faithfulness.

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