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Night Sky with Stars

Visit the Birth of Christ

​421 SE Monterey Rd, Stuart FL

Open 24/7 

Thanksgiving to January 31

Baby Jesus
All are welcome.
Tree at Night

Our history

The Castro family moved to Stuart from Miami more than 30 years ago. For the first two decades, a large white Christmas tree was erected each year in front of Castro Interiors to celebrate the season. But a few years ago, while Mrs. Castro was overseeing the construction of the tree, and she greeted children walking by with: “Merry Christmas! Do you know what’s coming?” Each time, the kids would respond with, “Santa!”

Mrs. Castro realized that children seem to have lost the real meaning of Christmas and she decided to replace the Christmas tree with an impressive life-sized manger. A star of white lights with a red comet tail soars above the Nativity made of thatched palmettos.  It has been embellished with the simple sweet, musty hay scattered throughout the Manger. Lying in the center of the manger is Jesus flanked by the statues of Joseph, Mary, and different kinds of animals. In the background, instrumental carols play.

Outside of Manger
Panorama of manger

The Mangers is a 
non-profit/501(c)(3) organization and relies 
entirely on public support from the community and local businesses.

Any amount is deeply appreciated. 

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Thank you for your generosity. 

Baby Jesus & Joseph
Wiseman on horse
Tree at Night
Our Manger Postcards Over the Years...

From the children...

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The Manger c/o
Castros Interiors

421 SE Monterey Rd

Stuart FL 34994

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